First Project Meeting in Brussels

Kick-off and strategic planning 

29 till 30 October 2019 we had the first meeting to launch our project on personalised and formative assessment project. 11 participants took place in this meeting.

In the application we had planned to have this meeting in Hungary. However, after discussing this with the NA we decided to change around the venues for TPM1 and TPM2 as this was much more convenient for our partners: ECSWE was planning a huge event in Brussels and couldn’t take more time off, and the representatives from L4WB were also in or around Brussels as they also have an office there. As the ECSWE meeting room was blocked due to event planning the meeting was organised in the Learning for Well-being offices in Brussels.

Originally we planned the following activities for this meeting: Drawing up financial agreement and task division. Also the digital working platform will be set up and explained to partners. After this the following activities take place: – identifying the possible good practices – making contact with them and asking for cooperation – discussing and if necessary adjusting collection template.

However, we spent most of the time answering the questions of the preventive monitoring. This did not necessarily mean that we discussed other things than planned, but the focus and the mood was different. The list of participants and the internal notes from the meeting including the agenda are added to the interim report as attachments. 

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