Here you will be able to learn more about the collected assessment practices. For the moment, the elements listed are just place holders, as we are currently working on developing this section and the content is not yet ready. By the end of the project, you will find a collection of 20 good practices documented in approx. 5 A4 pages each. This page will then list short summaries and links to the respective book chapters for download.

The history game

Learn how to teach an interesting history block by means of a role play in the classroom.

More information to follow

The purple folder

Learn, how the UK Waldorf schools have found a simple to use tool for continuous assessment in their classrooms.

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The dialogue report

Learn how teachers, pupils and parents work together to achieve an end of year report that is owned by the pupil.

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Main lesson books 2.0

Main lesson books are a classic in all Waldorf schools. But how to make the an attractive assessment tool?

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Learning journals

Learn how pupils can self-reflect on their learning in an easy way adjustable to various age-groups.

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