As the COVID-19 pandemic put our project delivery at risk, we have negotiated a project extension until end May 2021 with the Tempus Foundation, the Hungarian National Agency for Erasmus+. Many of the interviews were planned to be conducted in a face-to-face setting in their original school surroundings and therefore had to be postponed or need to be organised as Zoom calls

The new envisioned timeline is:

  • 23-25 June 2020: digital project meeting;
  • End September 2020: finishing the collection;
  • 7-9 October 2020: project meeting Brussels (TPM4, theme: finalising collection, planning publication, dissemination plan, planning peer-learning activity)
  • January 2021: Physical publication of the collected good practices;
  • 8-10 February 2021: project meeting Budapest (TPM5, theme: finalising plans for peer-learning, evaluation of the project up till then);
  • 12-14 May 2021: peer-learning session, closing of the project);
  • 31 May 2021: end date of the project.